Spezial funds

It’s up to you: choose to invest in a single real estate product or the full product range

SEB Asset Management is an ideal partner for your real estate investments. We are happy to advise you and provide real estate products that are suited to your needs. We can develop innovative products for you that are tailored to your specific requirements in the form of German real estate special funds, SICAVs, FCPs and other investment vehicles.

Tailored products

Institutional investors are also subject to an array of legal and tax restrictions. Our expertise lies in our ability to create products that are tailored to our investors’ individual tax, accounting and supervisory situations. Our deep understanding of what is needed for successful real estate investment is reflected in our consistently professional management of client-specific investment vehicles, as well as customised support that takes individual investors’ reporting and transparency requirements into account.
With SEB Asset Management you can reap the rewards offered by the real estate market without having to commit your own resources. This provides two key benefits: a customised real estate investment that meets your requirements and access to the comprehensive expertise of a successful real estate management team with a long track record.

Our product range:

SEB REI special funds

SEB Asian Property Fund

Master real estate fund structure

- Customised funds designed together with investors.


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